Hollow Earth Theory at Mount Shasta

Hollow Earth Theory at Mount Shasta

People believe that the descendants of Lemuria and Atlantis live inside Mt. Shasta. Hollow Earth theories have remained popular for several reasons, even though there is ample evidence to the contrary. One reason Hollow Earth theories linger in popular culture is that people find it intriguing to have unconquered, new territory for either colonization or exploitation.

An unknown frontier is both romantic and adventurous. In addition, the inner-earth represents a longed-for pristine paradise like the Golden Age in Greek mythology, or the Lost Garden of Eden in the Old Testament. Most important, however, is the inner earth provides a mysterious lure for those who believe in hidden knowledge.

Subterranean Dwellers at Mt. Shasta

According to occultists, Mt. Shasta is part of a larger network of underground civilizations. It is argued that the earth’s crust is a network of tunnels passing under the ocean from continent to continent and leading to subterranean cities in large cavities in the earth. Robert Dickhoff in Agharta claims that the builders of these tunnels were colonizers from Mars. These settlers anticipated a battle for the defense of earth and created this underground system for strategy.

Here are some recent developments about Hollow Earth theory and Mount Shasta:

  1. The Oera Linda Book claims the King of Atlantis lead his remaining peoples through an ancient tunnel network to the land of Votan, believed to be Central America. The Oera Linda Book maintains that North America is connected to Asia under the Bearing Strait and that South America is connected to Africa through an intricate network of tunnels. The tunnels of South America once traveled through Atlantis and now this is impossible to prove because Atlantis has disappeared. The Oera Linda Book is believed to be a hoax by analysis of modern linguistics. Cornelis Over den Linden claimed to find the book in 1867, which is written in a combination of old and modern Frisian dialects. The book claims to be a reprint of an older book, dated to 1256.
  2. Dianne Robbins in Telos: The Call Goes Out From the Hollow Earth and the Underground Cities believes that Mt. Shasta is part of a subterranean colony of the Lemurian Telos, an underground city that is said to be the western branch of a subterranean kingdom that certain Asian fraternities refer to as the Agharti Network. The Agharti are sometimes referred to as The Society of Green Men, who reside in Shamballah, under a Master who is a Venusian ancestor.
  3. Madame Blavatsky’s Hyperboreans still live beneath Mt. Shasta. King Ra and Queen Rana Mu are the rulers of Telos, who also rule the twelve Ascended Masters. Lemuria, beneath Mt. Shasta, exists in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions and can only be perceived through higher evolution of the human soul.
  4. Bulwer-Lytton in his science fiction book, The Coming Race discusses vril power. Vril power is associated with Agharti, which is a type of electricity. He writes, “I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, etc.” Vril power is atmospheric magnetism that can be applied to exercise influence over minds, bodies, animal and vegetable. His story takes place in a utopian underground community where the inhabitants, the Vril-ya, engage in agriculture, fly and have telepathic powers. The book ends by the Vril-ya resurfacing and creating war with the surface dwellers, leading to humanity’s ultimate destruction. There are two ways of gaining viril power. The first is to chemically isolate particles in lead and follow alchemy. The second way is perform magic, incorporating sound vibrations, the sign of Saturn, specific colors and runes.
  5. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, one of the founders of Universal Church and Triumphant, claims that the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta is a part of the Green White Brotherhood, which originated in Mu. Prophet channeled Ra Mu, who stated through her, “I am the voice of the mountain. I come to bear tidings of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta unto all who have been called and who have answered the call at inner levels and in outer manifestation.” Church Universal and Triumphant also acknowledges the I AM Presence, which is the source of life for each individual soul.
  6. Alec Maclellan in Lost World of Agharti reinterprets many of the older writings and adds new information to support Hollow Earth theory for a modern readership. He argues that the north and south poles are between 800 and 1400 miles in diameter. The inside of the earth is hollow with a central sun and this subterranean paradise has oceans, landmasses, fertile soil, as well as human and animal plant life. The core has a radius of 2,200 miles, slightly larger than out moon’s, which has a diameter of 2,160 miles.  

Plato’s Hollow Earth

The first historical reference to a Hollow Earth is by Plato, in Phædo Paras. In history, Hollow Earth theory explained natural phenomenon prior to scientific investigation. However, groups that maintain Hollow Earth theory reject the findings of modern science in order to create their own epistemology.

 Athanasius Kircher and Sir Edmund Halley

The more recent history of Hollow Earth theory begins with Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680), a Jesuit priest, who wrote Mundus Subterraneus, published in 1669. He is one of the first to support a Hollow Earth theory and writes that within the holes of the center of earth live dragons, gems, precious metals, spirits, demons and hot and cold water. He also argued that tides were caused by the water flow of a subterranean ocean.

The next significant contributor to Hollow Earth theory was astronomer and mathematician Sir Edmund Halley (1656-1742) who argued that the earth was hollow and supported life. Halley gathered data about the readings of the magnetic compass and concluded in a paper titled, An Account of the Cause of the Change of the Variation of the Magnetic Needle published in 1692, that the earth held three concentric circles: the diameter of Venus, Mars and Mercury. Each circle was 500 miles apart, so not to collide with each other. Thus, Halley proposed that the earth was not a solid body but hollow, which also answered the question of magnetic variation at the north and south poles. Halley interpreted Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity for the origin of the aurora borealis, where luminous materials came from underneath the earth and lit up the night sky.

Today, scientists agree that the aurora borealis and aurora auastralis occur in two bands surrounding the North and South poles and pass from west to east. The aurora is connected to the earth’s magnetic field where charged particles from the sun hit the nitrogen molecules, creating a red light. Light emitted by oxygen atoms in the upper atmosphere produce the green glow. However, how and why the particles reach the earth in those particular latitudes is still debatable. The crackling and rustling noises are believed to be cause by electrical and magnetic phenomena at ground level.

Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather (1663-1728), a Puritan clergyman in New England, made famous for inciting the Salem Witchcraft mania, repeated Halley’s hypothesis about an inner world. Mather also believed that the inhabitants of inner earth created a way to fashion light.

 John Cleves Symmes

John Cleves Symmes (1779-1829), an American supporter of Hollow Earth theory went on an expedition to the North Pole to prove that the earth was hollow. He claimed in his book, Symmes Theory of Concentric Spheres (1878) that there were open holes at the north and south poles. Symmes theory of concentric spheres, polar voids and open poles argued against Newton’s theory of gravity. Symmes argued that hollow spheres exert pressure on objects. Also, Symmes believed that the crust of the earth was a thousand miles thick. Thus, the magnetized north on a compass only confused sailors trying to navigate Antarctica or the Artic circles. Symmes also reasoned that the Magellanic Clouds were actually reflections of Tasmania and New Zealand, seen through the southern opening of the South Pole.

Cyrus Reed Teed

Koresh, also known as Cyrus Reed Teed (1839-1906), believed the earth was hollow and that people live inside its interior, which had a shell of 100 miles thick and consisted of seventeen layers. He reasoned that the atmosphere is very thick, otherwise a person could see to the opposite side of the world. Also, the atmosphere also prevents people from viewing the sun. Teed conducted experiments to prove the earth was hollow and published them in The Immortal Manhood (1902) and Cellular Cosmogony.

Teed revealed that the universe was composed of cells, of which the largest was the earth itself. The moon and planets are not material objects but focal points of life. From these conclusions, he formed his own religion that he called Koreshanity. In 1894, it was estimated that there were 4,000 followers of Koreshanity. Teed published a magazine The Flaming Sword And The Immortal Manhood, in which it was claimed that once he died, he would return to life and remain immortal. In 1894, he moved to Florida and established a new community, Estero, sixteen miles south of Fort Myers. Today Estero is a park.

William F. Lyon and Marshall B. Bardner

A different perspective of Hollow Earth theory is proposed by William F. Lyon and Marshall B. Bardner. Lyon, in The Hollow Globe (1871) argued that the earth was created by spirits, not one god, and these spirits maintain its orbit, tides and all natural phenomena. The goal of these sprits was to expand the good energy into dark, empty space. The spirits created many cosmos through their expansion of good and light energies. These same spirits also compelled Anglo-Americans to win the American Revolution, conquer the Native Americans and build the railroad.

Gardner, in A Journey to the Earth’s Interior (1913), stated there were not concentric spheres in the interior of the earth as Halley argued, but a second sun. Furthermore, animals that were extinct on the surface flourished in the inner-earth. Gardner also states that the center of earth’s gravity is not in the center of the planet but in its crust, allowing water to adhere to the crust above and below the poles.

The “Real” North Pole

In 1908, Admiral Robert Peary (1856-1920) set out on his quest for the North Pole from Ellesmere Island, accompanied by Matthew Henson and four Inuits. He claimed to have reached the North Pole on April 6, 1909 though his achievement has been questioned. Nevertheless, Congress recognized Peary’s achievement and offered him appreciation in 1911, the year in which he retired from the navy with the rank of rear admiral. However, in the 1980s, a re-examination of his diary and notes cast doubt on the success of the trip.

Due to navigational errors and record-keeping mistakes, he may have missed the North Pole by fifty kilometers or more. On May 3, 1952, U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph O. Fletcher of Oklahoma stepped out of a plane and walked to the precise location of the North Pole, the first person to do so undisputedly and thus proving, that there are no holes at the North or South Poles.

What is Inside the Earth?

The outer part of the Earth’s body acts as a thermal insulator that prevents the intense heat from escaping to the surface. Within the core, the temperature is a few thousand degrees, where the heat is radioactive. Information about Earth’s interior has been gathered by three methods. This first is by the analysis of earthquake waves and the second method is by analyzing the composition of meteorites; lastly, the earth’s size, shape and density is taken into consideration. Research indicates that the earth has an interior consisting of concentric shells differing by size, chemical makeup and density. In addition, the earth is undoubtedly much denser near the center than it is at the surface.

The crust varies from five to twenty-five miles in thickness, and consists of the continents and ocean basins. Extending to a depth of about 1,800 miles the mantle probably consists of very dense rock rich in iron and magnesium minerals. Heat energy released in the upper part of the mantle breaks the earth’s crust into plates that slide, setting up stresses along the plate margins that result in the formation of folds and earthquake faults. The core is composed of iron and nickel. Here, the magnetic field undergoes periodic reversals; the last reversal occurred some 780,000 years ago.

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