The Destruction of Atlantis

The Destruction of Atlantis and Mount Shasta

When Atlantis sunk and its inhabitants fled, they had to seek shelter in higher elevation areas. These areas included mountains like Mount Shasta. It is believed that the Atlantean civilization has gone underground and created a subterranean civilization where the Atlanteans have been able to make scientific progress without interruption.

How Atlantis was Destroyed

There are two theories concerning the destruction of Atlantis:

Scenario #1: The first is that it was destroyed by earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves and other natural catastrophes. This article discusses how Atlantis is buried under Europe. In this scenario, Atlantis is destroyed by upsetting the balance of nature.

Scenario #2: The second is that the Atlanteans created their own disaster through the creation of solar and laser energy. In this scenario, the attainment of grandeur caused Atlantis demise by misusing power and technology.

For mythologists, Atlantis represents an empire consumed in its own splendor, a sunken paradise whose descent was cause by greed and leisure. The inhabitants of Atlantis, people would have needed a high level of civilization and worldliness to be able to escape a sinking island. Supposedly, Atlantis influenced the cultures of the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Amazon, Pacific Coasts, South America, Mediterranean region, Europe, Africa, and the Caspian, Baltic and Black Sea areas.

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