Missing Islands Are Not So Unusual

Other “Missing” Islands

In addition to Atlantis and Lemuria, many other islands have also “disappeared.” During the Dark and Middle Ages, there were many myths about islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Popular lost islands include:

A map of Frisland

Where did these Missing islands come from?

At the beginning of exploration, cartographers placed islands on maps according to explorer’s accounts. Later, these islands were taken off maps, identified as an island chain like the archipelago, or even misidentified. As cartographer’s skills became more precise, these islands were taken off maps. However, the days of loose sea wandering are pretty well over, and there are stretches of ocean measurable in thousands of miles which are hardly visited once in a decade. The latitudes may have been better known in the past when whale hunting and fishing expeditions were more common.

In conclusion, lost islands and continents are not unique to history or to cartographers. Atlantis and Lemuria are unique because these two lost continents claimed to be the precedent of the modern civilization and the point of human origin. No other “lost” place has ever made that claim.

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