Rosicrucian: Col. James Churchward

Col. James Churchward

            Rosicrucian, Col. James Churchward is significant in that he placed Mu in the Pacific Ocean, differentiating Mu from the Lemuria, which existed in the Indian Ocean. In The Children of Mu, Churchward claimed Mu was between Asia and America and measures six-thousand miles from east to west and three-thousand miles from north to south. Churchward argues that humans have turned to the myth of biology and science, which enslaves the ego, instead of moving toward the truth. Churchward explains, “To be a true evolutionist, a man must be an atheist.”

            Churchward received information about Mu by translating the Na’acal Tablets, also called The Sacred and Inspired Writings of the Divine Laws, supposedly written in the language of Mu that recount the ancient histories of India, China, and Burma. Churchward notes, “The translations are poor, I admit, but they are the best I can do with my limited knowledge.” It is of the opinion that the translations are poor because they are entirely fabricated. Churchward notes that these tablets originated 15,000 years ago and were brought to the attention of people in five monasteries about 2,000 years ago, who protected the texts. However, Churchward never produced photos or provided the location of the Na’acal Tablets for others to study.

            According to Churchward’s Na’acal Tablets, humans first appeared 200,000 years ago on Mu and were called Mayas; Mu is referred to in the Biblical as the Garden of Eden. The Tablets also recount how Mu has destroyed about 10,000 BC and developed over a 100,000-year period. The original descendants of Mu have evolved into different races because of their glands, food, and inbreeding, which caused genetic variations. Due to environmental factors, many groups changed customs, manners, and appearances, and as a result, they forgot about their Lemurian ancestors and common origin.

            Churchward also refers to the Ten Tribes of Israel, and when Mu began to sink into the Pacific Ocean, each tribe built a colony. The first place that was colonized was the Yucatan Peninsula, Central America, and North America. Then the Lost Tribes migrated to Atlantis, the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, and finally, Asia Minor and East Asia. The theory of the displaced Ten Tribes of Israel was not new to Churchward. In fact, the theory was also supported by Roger Williams (1603–1683), founder of Rhode Island; William Penn (1644–1718), founder of Pennsylvania; James Adair (1709-1783), who wrote The History of the American Indians (2005[1775]), and Josiah Priest (1790?-185?) who published a book about the vanished Mound Builders (1883).

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