Rosicrucians and Theosophy

“The Messenger” Painting by Nicholas Roerich

George Dorcheff and Max Heindel 

           Rosicrucian groups have relationships with the Theosophical Society. George Dorcheff in The Evolution of Earth mirrors the Theosophist’s writings of Atlantis and Lemuria. He notes five epochs produced five continents, with a sixth race emerging. The first epoch was the Polarian Epoch, which separated the earth from the sun. The pituitary and pineal glands existed in the Polarian epoch and have not evolved since; Their primary functions are for clairvoyance and feeling. The Earth Period is the formation of the mineral kingdom. Rosicrucian writer Max Heindel explains, “This is also the time that “The Lords of Mercury taught man to leave and re-enter the body at will; to function in his higher vehicles independent of the dense body so that the latter becomes a cheerful dwelling house instead of a closely-locked prison.”

            The third epoch, The Hyperborean Epoch, is marked by the formation of the skeleton. During the fourth Lemurian Epoch, the moon was expelled from the earth, and there fern forests and animals were formed; also, the sexes separated, and the greatest number of Lemurians remained “animal-like.” Eventually, the speech was given to the primitive Lemurians from the Lords of Venus. The last epoch, the Atlantean Epoch, equates to the sixth day of creation in Genesis of the Christian Bible. This is where humans lose their spiritual, inner qualities. Heindel writes, “Volcanic cataclysms destroyed the greater part of the Lemurian continent and in its stead rose the Atlantean continent, where the Atlantic Ocean now is.” The Atlanteans further developed language from the Lemurians, which was originally grunting noises. It is curious to note that the Atlanteans did not walk but leaped like kangaroos.

            Fellow Rosicrucian, Dorcheff notes the same humanoid races recorded by the Theosophists: the Rohmahls, Tlavatlis, Toltecs, Turanians, Semites, Akkadians, Mongolians, and the Jews. The Semitic Race is the original race of the present Aryan Epoch; Central Asia was the original origin of the Aryan race, who were the descendants of the Semites. According to Dorcheff, at the end of the present Atlantean epoch, a leader will emerge, and many people will voluntarily follow him. It is predicted that future races of humans will receive aid from Mercury and Mars.

Further Reading

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