The Lemurian Fellowship: John Ballou Newbrough

John Ballou Newbrough

            John Ballou Newbrough (1828-1891), who wrote Oahspé (1891), recounts another version of the Lemurian civilization. Similar to Frederick Spencer Oliver, Newbrough’s writings were the result of automatic writing dictated to him by spirits while in a trance. According to Newbrough, humans emerged 72,000 years ago when angels interbred with the A’su, a sea-like animal. The resulting breed was called I’hins. The I’hins and A’su produced the Druks, which are the African and Asiatic people today. Newbrough called Lemuria Pan and predicted it would become inhabited by the Kosmon race, a combination of all the present races. This new era was predicted to begin in 1980.

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