The Lemurian Fellowship: Phylos, The Tibetan

Phylos, The Tibetan  

            According to The Lemurian Fellowship, Phylos the Tibetan, who met Frederick Spencer Oliver, Issachar, and the Lemurian-Atlantean group of Theo-Christic Adepts, is a member of the Order of Azariah. Frederick Spencer Oliver (1866-1899) was an important figure who placed a Lemurian colony within Mt. Shasta. In the summer of 1883, Oliver was marking the boundaries of his parent’s property in Yreka, California. He claims to have channeled Phylos, The Tibetan, who helped write two books through amanuensis: Dweller on Two Planets (1952[1895]) and An Earth Dwellers Return (1940). Oliver notes, “In writing as such amanuensis, I am always conscious of the presence calling himself Phylos, whenever he chooses to come to me, and sometimes I see as well as hear and speak with him, though vision is rare.”

            Phylos, as channeled through Oliver, explains that he had been Prince Zilm on Atlantis and lived a second life as Walter Pierson, a nineteenth-century gold miner. As Pierson, Phylos met a Chinese laborer, Quong, who taught him the secret doctrines. The following incarnation as Phylos, he was appointed guardianship of Mt. Shasta and its mysteries. Oliver writes that human knowledge of life, “the Great Mystery, is insufficient for the needs of the soul.” The book concludes, “The wrath of God is love’s severity. All shall be converted from the lower into, the higher.” Both of Oliver’s books are important in establishing a mythos for Mt. Shasta as a Lemurian colony.

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