The Lemurian Fellowship: An Introduction

Phylos the Tibetan

The Lemurian Fellowship: Ramona, California

         For adherents of the Lemurian Fellowship, Lemuria is a place that will re-emerge as a final utopia or as a flourishing continent. The Lemurian Fellowship does not distinguish between Lemuria and Mu because the cultures of Mu, or Lemuria, were far-flung. For some, especially those participating in New Age practices, Lemuria exists on a higher frequency and is only available to an elect few, like Rudolph Steiner’s Akashic Records. Lemuria is not so much a physical place as it is a goal for spiritual achievement. These beliefs led Robert Stelle to establish the Lemurian Fellowship, first in Chicago, Illinois, then in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and finally, in Ramona, California. Prophesies and ideological pronouncements that do not materialize are difficult for movements to negotiate; for the Lemurian Fellowship, prophecies are reconfigured as having symbolic significance, postponed, and displaced to another realm of existence.

            In the Lemurian Fellowship’s book, The Sun Rises, Stelle writes that a final utopia will emerge where there is a balance of technology, spirituality, and science. Churchward also writes in Cosmic Forces of Mu also believes that “Nations with their cravings for power and wealth will disappear. There will be one great union of the communities of humankind, each one being, in truth, a brother to the other. Then The Supreme only knows what is to follow.” Stelle outlines the help humans were given by the Lords of Venus and Mercury over 2,400 generations ago: “Helpers from Venus and Mercury were brought in by Lord Hiroto to teach these people many things new even to the Elders. Women were trained to spin and weave so that skins for the dress were used less and less as cloth began to take their place.”

            The Lemurian Fellowship recounts an important message the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations have taught modern civilization: Failure has followed success in every civilization of which we know, just as it followed the great and unequaled success enjoyed in both the Mukulian and Atlantean Empires. In short, Lemuria failed because of its proud nature. The Lemurian Fellowship warns humankind that “the time for decisive action has come! Summon your courage and begin at once to work objectively toward the fulfillment of your God-given purpose in life!”

The Lemurian Fellowship Today

            The Lemurian Fellowship is under the authorization of the Lemurian Grand Council. The Lemurian Fellowship writes, “The Lemurian Philosophy, as it is being taught today by the Lemurian Fellowship, stems from the original teaching of Christ.” Christ was also known as Melchizedek, the first Emperor of Lemuria, and Christ reappeared as Poseidon in Atlantis. According to the Bible, Melchizedek was the high priest and king of Salem who blessed Abraham. In the Dead Sea Scrolls, Melchizedek acts as God’s eschatological agent, though there is no evidence that Melchizedek was a real historical figure.

            The purpose of the Lemurian Fellowship is to disseminate the Lemurian Cosmo-Conception and bring about the New Order of the Ages, ruled by the Lemurian Citizenry. Although all of the Elder Brothers were cooperatively in helping mankind to advance, the Lemurian Brotherhood is the one that is responsible for the release of plans and information relating to the forthcoming civilization.

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The Lemurian Fellowship.

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