Doreal’s Brotherhood of the White Temple Church

Mount Shasta, California

Before the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis, there was an Atlantean colony in northern California. When the great flood submerged Atlantis and Lemuria, those who were able fled to the highest mountains and established a colony in the mountainous country. Gradually, they became smaller and smaller in number until today, there are about 350 remaining in the colony

Morris Doreal in Mysteries of Mt. Shasta

            The Brotherhood of the White Temple Church was formed by Maurice Doreal in 1930. Doreal is well known for his translations of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The Atlantean. According to Doreal, Thoth is believed to be an Atlantean Master who helped Egypt reach its greatness. Thoth is also credited with building the Great Pyramid and when he died, Thoth became deified. Prior to his parting, Thoth left twelve Tablets of Emerald Green, created through an alchemical process. According to the White Temple Church, Doreal was privileged to translate ten of the Twelve Tablets.

            The Brotherhood of the White Temple Church maintains that people must be ready to accept new information only when they are initiated into the appropriate stage of learning. Andrews writes, “Our Sacred neighbors here at Mt. Shasta Brotherhood of the Seven Secret spiritual Centers are ready to come forth to teach us the fundamental laws of the Universe for our spiritual advancement, if and when we become worthy and qualified in consciousness and in our thoughts, deeds, and actions.” Beneath Mt. Shasta are great adepts who exist on the fourth dimension. There are “Great Ones” that walk Siskiyou County, though most people do not recognize them as “a true Master.”

            In Mysteries of Mt. Shasta (2003), Doreal writes that the Atlanteans, not Lemurians, built a colony inside the dormant volcano. Richard Andrews, in The Truth Behind the Legends of Mt. Shasta, writes: “Great Souls, the inhabitants of the Secret City of Mt. Shasta, are not the Lemurians as legends would have us to believe. They are Atlanteans. It is an Atlantean Colony. One of their tasks is to guard the Lemurians that are imprisoned beneath the Caroline Islands. UFOs are not from outer space but from the Secret Cities on Earth, one of which is Shamballah. Doreal was a Council of Elders of central Shamballah, the Great White Lodge, which is the central Spiritual City of the Secret Fraternity. The other Secret City in the United States is at Mt. Shasta.”

            According to Doreal, Lemurians built underground cities and remain in the South Pacific today. In The Inner Earth by Doreal, he claimed that there were numerous entrances into the subterranean world, including Tibet, the Gobi Desert, South America in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mt. Shasta in California, Canada, and the Harz Mountains of Germany. Doreal points to Lemurian evidence in the Caroline Islands, where the great walls still stand of the ancient Lemurian buildings, and Tiahuanaco in the Andes Mountains. Doreal believes that Lemuria was destroyed in a great war with Atlantis and Lemurian priests and kings sought refuge in the South Pacific underground.

            The Atlantean colony at Mt. Shasta guards the Lemurians in the south Pacific, which the Atlanteans sealed and continue to guard because of the Lemurians’ destructive force. The UFOs and spaceships that are sometimes seen rising out of Mt. Shasta are part of the Atlantean duties to maintain the Lemurians in the Caroline Islands. Doreal received this information from the Atlanteans who visited him in Los Angeles during his lecture series. In Mysteries of Mt. Shasta, Doreal recounts how there are unusual visitors and lights that emanate from Mt. Shasta. Also found at Mt. Shasta are physical beings that are beautiful and have unusually long lifespans.

It is important to note that Doreal does not distinguish between Lemuria and Mu.

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