Is Mount Shasta Hollow?

Hollow Earth Theory at Mount Shasta

People believe that the descendants of Lemuria and Atlantis live inside Mt. Shasta. Hollow Earth theories have remained popular for several reasons, even though there is ample evidence to the contrary. One reason Hollow Earth theories linger in popular culture is that people find it intriguing to have unconquered, new territory for either colonization or exploitation.

An unknown frontier is both romantic and adventurous. In addition, the inner earth represents a longed-for pristine paradise like the Golden Age in Greek mythology or the Lost Garden of Eden in the Old Testament. Most important, however, is the inner earth provides a mysterious lure for those who believe in hidden knowledge.

According to occultists, Mt. Shasta is part of a larger network of underground civilizations. It is argued that the earth’s crust is a network of tunnels passing under the ocean from continent to continent and leading to subterranean cities in large cavities in the earth. Robert Dickhoff in Agharta claims that the builders of these tunnels were colonizers from Mars. These settlers anticipated a battle for the defense of the earth and created this underground system for strategy.

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