Mount Shasta City Park has the headwaters for the Upper Sacramento River, located about a mile out of town.

About a week ago, we were talking about searching for Big Foot with a neighbor. He said when he was a kid, they used to play around City Park and walk on the trails. Amongst other things, they would find large nests on the ground and trees that looked like they were pulled out of the ground. One thing he mentioned, that I have also experienced is the terrible smell that accompanies Big Foot. It is a rank, sewer smell, and the animals flee before it!

The first time I smelled it, the dog became scared and agitated. The animals fled the forest and down the hill – but it wasn’t just the deer – it was deer, birds and squirrels, and everything else! I went in the house because I thought a bear or cougar was on the ridge, but the smell was awful. When I went back outside the next morning, a large tree that had been felled was moved, and the wood pile was toppled. There was no evidence of a bear, and I followed the tracks for about a quarter mile.