Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and Atlantis

Also connected to Atlantis and Lemuria are Native American groups and the lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Early historians described the Native Americans as the Lost Tribes of Israel. After King Solomon’s death (922 BC), the Hebrews created two nations. Israel comprised ten of the twelve Hebrew tribes; Judah, in the south, had two tribes. In the eighth century BC, Israel fell to the Assyrians in the north, and most of the citizens were taken into slavery. These people are known as the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.”

Historians placed the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel as displaced in the Americas, not because of ignorance but because the Old Testament was the only well-documented historical narrative available at the time. In addition, the Native American tribes at the time of Plato’s Atlantis 10,000 years ago would not have had the technology to mount a war or expedition to Athens. According to archaeological records, Greece at 9500 BC was in the late Paleolithic period, where humans were living in rock shelters, hunting and gathering food.

Native American Tribes and Atlantis

The Romantics and occultists subvert this problem by placing the Native American civilizations as colonies of Atlantis. Native Americans have also been named as descendants of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, East Indians, Polynesians, Prince Madoc, a Welsh that supposedly crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1170, and a distinct line of monkeys and apes unique to the New World. These apes and monkeys were the supposed descendants of the giant apes, Gigantanthropus and Meganthropus, that were common in southeastern Asia in the early Pleistocene.

So, Where are Lemuria and Atlantis Located?

Lemuria and Atlantis are in the most unlikely areas on Earth. The greatest areas of deep sima are in the central Pacific Ocean, the southern Indian Ocean, and the Artic Oceans. This means that these oceans are permanent, and no continents are expected to be in the past, present, or future. The great Pacific sima depression is, in fact, probably one of the most stable and long-lived features of the earth’s surface, going back in its present form at least half a billion years. Therefore, people are either looking in the wrong places for Lemuria and Atlantis, or – these missing continents never existed.

It is important to remember that myths like Atlantis and Lemuria are transformations of earlier myths. Therefore, myths must be analyzed in relation to other myths, not to actual events in human history. Plato’s Atlantis was based on oral traditions, implying that the original source of information was antiquated even in Plato’s own time. Lemuria, as an imagined place, takes on many different locations, including beneath Mt. Shasta, a submerged island in the Pacific Ocean, and the astral plane.

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