Mentions of Agartha

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925)

Theosophist Rudolph Steiner argued that Jesus Christ will return and reveal the true location of Shamballah with his Second Coming. Steiner and Blavatsky emphasized the struggle between good and evil and the constant battle between Agartha and Shamballah.

Saint-Yves de’Alvidre (1842-1909)

One of the first to mention Agartha was Joseph-Alexandre Saint-Yves de’Alvidre in his Mission of India in Europe (1886), where he described it as an underground kingdom with a repository of secret knowledge.

Ferdinand Ossendowski (1876-1945)

Ferdinand Ossendowski may have heard the myth of Agartha from Saint-Yves d’Alveidre and reworked it to appeal to a German readership. In his book Beasts, Men and Gods (1931), Ossendowski claimed that tunnels to Agartha were built prior to the last glacial period. Agartha can be reached through tunnels that exist in the Tien Shan Mountains, Tartary Asia, and another secretly located opening in Afghanistan. These tunnels were built by colonizers from Mars and later Venusians from Venus, who devised the tunnel systems in anticipation of a battle and as an important defensive tactic. Ossendowski writes that Agartha is ruled by the King of the World, and he will return to the surface when materialism ruins the world. Then, a world war will occur, and the people of Agharti will return to the surface and help end the violence.

Robert E. Dickhoff

Robert E. Dickhoff suggests that Lemuria and Atlantis destroyed each other through atomic missiles, which resulted in the catastrophic result of the Biblical flood. Dickhoff writes”

Before Agartha became the recognized Holy City to be used by Buddhist Lamas, it had to be cleansed of a remnant of Venus serpents masquerading in convenient human bodies, who had held the terminal city for many eons and from which stronghold they spread evil propaganda, designed to fight the Martian wizards’ mentality, who also had selected human bodies via the principle of reincarnation.

The King of the World was one of these people that had been overthrown by the Tibetan Lamas.

Alice Bailey (1880-1949)

Theosophist Alice Bailey channeled occult information from Tibetan masters. Bailey wrote extensively about Shamballah in Letters on Occult Meditation (1926), Initiation, Human and Solar (1929), A Treatise on White Magic (1934), and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (1958). Bailey believes that the Shamballah Force is highly volatile energy and is the destructive origin of evil. There is also a Hierarchy in Shamballah that protects the Force and will initiate The Plan when conditions are right.

According to Bailey, this Shamballah Force was present during the Lemurian Age and the Atlantean times. Because of the evil Shamballah is capable of, Bailey attributes the underground city to destruction and the antichrist. Shamballah is associated with the destruction of the earth, yet it is necessary to create a utopian society. Thus, destruction by Shamballah is ultimately a benevolent act on the dwellers of earth.

Alice Bailey also founded the Arcane School in 1923. She developed the spiritual Hierarchy of spiritual leaders in Initiation, Human, and Solar (1929), which explains that God is the Solar Logos, ruler of the solar system, and Sanat Kumara is the Lord of the World. Sanat Kumara guided the earthly evolution of humans and came from Venus about eighteen million years ago. Under the Lord of the World is Buddha are Bodhisattvas and humans. Bailey attempted to avoid the development of a movement centered on her personality. Instead, she emphasized meditation and performing service in the community.

My own research shows that Agartha is currently located here.

Further Research

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