Shamballah and Agartha: Where Are They Now?

The Occult Version of Location

There are two occult versions of Shamballah and Agartha. Agartha, the underground dwelling place of the Ascended Masters, is sometimes at odds with another underground city, Shamballah, located in the Gobi desert. Blavatsky mentions Shamballah in The Secret Doctrine (1928), where she telepathically received information from her teachers in Tibet about its location. Shamballah is believed to possess a purity that sets it apart from the world. Those who seek to enter its gates must forgo their journeys if they desire worldly possessions or to become rulers of the kingdom.

Blavatsky wrote that as Lemuria sank, some Lemurians traveled to Atlantis while the rest traveled to Shamballah in the Gobi Desert.

The secret opening to Shamballah is located beneath Mount Kanchenjunga, the third-largest mountain in the world. The mountain is surrounded by three territories: Sikkim in the south and east, Nepal in the west, and Tibet in the north.

According to Blavatsky, this Brotherhood of Adepts sends Ascended Masters to the surface world to instruct humans into the next level of higher consciousness.

Further Reading

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