Ascended Masters

            For the I AM followers, an Ascended Master is a person who has gone through the process of ascension and has a high state of spiritual awareness. “The Ascended Masters are those Beings who are wholly Divine, for They have made the Ascension as Beloved Jesus did. They are the elder brothers, the teachers of mankind on this Earth” (St. Germain Foundation 1988:13). This concept is derived from the teachings of Theosophy, who believe that Ascended Masters belong to the Great White Brotherhood. Similar beliefs in Ascended Masters exist in Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant and New Age channelers.

            An enlightened person, in the Buddhist sense, is different from an Ascended Master. Enlightenment implies that a person has no more need for further lifetimes. Ascension is an alternative to death, where people are in command of the physical realm and can manipulate their energy to shapeshift. Therefore, the goal of life was ascension with God that would result in immortality. In Unveiled Mysteries (1934), Ballard writes how he assisted a man at Mt. Shasta to make his ascension. Additionally, The Magic Presence (1982) describes a golden chair called the “Atomic Accelerator” that helps people make their ascensions into heaven.

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