The Mu

The little people, the Menehune are related to the Mu, who are hairy and have beards. According to Puku’i, the Mu was primarily banana-eating people and were a tribe of the Menehune. According to John M. Lydgate (1913; 1920; 1924), the Mu were settled prior to the Menehune and are considered a much older race. The Mu are the original inhabitants of the islands who sought refuge in the mountains. They are brown-skinned and the same height as the Menehune. Whereas The Menehune people lacked fire, clothes, and arts, the Mu originally lived at Wainiha on Kawuai and were considered very clever.

“Although no relationship is seen between them and the Menehune, and the Mu are given advanced traits like farming and the use of fire, they are described as a mythical people from beautiful Kuaihelanie on the deep, blue sea of Kane” (Luomala).

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