Who was Guy Ballard?

           Psychic Dictatorship in America (1940) by Gerald B. Bryan reveals unpleasant facts about the I AM group. His book “ is a study of strange psychological forces revealed mainly through the history of a single subversive cult, but which have their influence also on other movements operating in American today” (Bryan 1940:7). The purpose of the book is to “reveal that the Ballard cult, too, is really a political movement and that its metaphysics, among other things, is largely engaged in an effort to bring about a weird sort of government in the United States” (Bryan 1940:25-26). There is a belief that the followers of I AM Movement are fighting a war against superstitions and evils of the world. In his book, Bryan shows that Ballard had plagiarized much of his works from earlier Theosophical writings.

            Ballard’s experience on Mt. Shasta is strikingly similar to Frederick Spencer Oliver in his book, A Dweller on Two Planets (1952[1895])). Both meet an Ascended Master at Mt. Shasta and are led into the mountain and descended to a large bronze door into circular chambers; there were also white lights (Ballard 1934; Bryan 1940; Oliver 1952[1895]:270-273). Yet, Ballard spoke of his incident forty-six years after Oliver. Ballard’s St. Germain also bears a strong resemblance to The Brother of the Third Degree (1989[1894])) by Will L. Garver. In Unveiled Mysteries (1934) and The Brotherhood of the Third Degree (1989[1894]), St. Germain has strong political ties in the United States and Europe and is described as having blond hair, blue eyes, smooth skin, and commanding people to “Come” to him immediately. Both obey St. Germain’s command and travel quickly through time and space (Ballard 1934; Garver 1894:290,353; Bryan 1940). Ballard’s and Garver’s books discuss the “Law of One,” the impending cataclysm, and the “Great Luminous Beings” that dispense their knowledge to the elite.

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