Eschatology and Hero Myths at Mount Shasta

In times of crisis apocalyptic, and messianic myths re-emerge and promise the hope of a new world. These movements usually focus on a prophetic leader and project a catastrophic end of the world. Commonly found is the promise of a return of a culture hero to lead the battle against evil. For Mount Shasta, these myths provide a context for channeling spirits who may promise humankinds reunification with star people, or extraterrestrials.

Cosmological Myths at Mount Shasta

Cosmological Myths at Mount Shasta Mount Shasta is the starting point of many myths that have to do with creation. From the destruction of Atlantis, and Lemuria, and possibly other planets, Mount Shasta is responsible for repopulating the Western World and restarting high civilization. Mount Shasta, as a remarkable geographic locator, serves a purpose of... Continue Reading →

Similarity of Myths Around the World

Similarity of Myths Mount Shasta shares many similarities of mythical components with other myths found around the world. Many myths from around the world share similar components, themes and characters, though each myth serves a different function in the society where is it utilized. Common themes found in myths include the creation of the world,... Continue Reading →

Pilgrims to Mount Shasta

Pilgrims at Mt. Shasta Pilgrims from all over the world travel to Mt. Shasta and other sacred sites every year. A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a journey to a sacred place and is important in transmitting new myths and ideas into regions. Mount Shasta represents a special place that bridges the physical and... Continue Reading →

The Role of Myth in Science

Myth and Science in Mount Shasta Myths and science serve a purpose to unify their narratives of seeking truth, facts, and solving earthly mysteries. Myths serve a function similar to science, theology, religion and history in that it provides an explanation of the universe. Myths are often viewed in opposition to science because the supernatural... Continue Reading →

Modern Subterranean Worlds at Mount Shasta

Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver The modern conception of subterranean worlds was largely influenced by Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver (1907-1975). In 1932, Shaver was employed as a welder in a Ford Motor plant in Highland Park, Michigan and claimed to hear far-off voices when he was welding. Later, Shaver claimed that he... Continue Reading →

The Phantom Poles of William Reed

Phantom Poles and Hollow Earth at Mount Shasta There are many accounts of subterranean dweller that live within Mt. Shasta. But how probable is Hollow Earth theory? William Reed and Arctic explorers provide compelling evidence.   "Phantom of the Poles" by William Reed One of the more authoritative and scientific arguments for Hollow Earth theory was... Continue Reading →

About Mount Shasta and Surrounding Areas

The Geology of Mount Shasta The geology of California is unique. There are two high masses, the Sierra Nevada and lower mountains in the northwest. Between these masses is a lower plain, called the Great Valley. The lower mountains are called the Coast Ranges that extend 1,200 miles from Point Arena, north of San Francisco,... Continue Reading →

The State of Jefferson in Siskiyou County

The State of Jefferson The Mount Shasta area is referred to as the State of Jefferson by the local population. The concept of an individual state formed from joining northern California and southern Oregon has existed since the 1850's. Certain counties in California and Oregon decided that they were not being fairly represented by Sacramento... Continue Reading →

The Lost Continent of Atlantis at Mount Shasta

The History of Atlantis at Mount Shasta The history of Atlantis begins with oral traditions in Ancient Greece. Atlantis was mentioned once before in Greek literature prior to Plato by the philosopher Proclus (410-485 BC). Proclus wrote that the historian Marcellus (266-208 BC) described how several islands in the Atlantic Ocean had preserved traditions from... Continue Reading →

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