Phenomenal Investigations around Mount Shasta

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Petroglyphs Near Mount Shasta

Marking Place Through Petroglyphs at Lava Beds National Monument Petroglyphs appear at openings in the earth such as caves, or collapsed lava tubes, although they appear in many other places; it is an image created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art. The… Continue Reading →

Mount Shasta City Park

Mount Shasta City Park has the headwaters for the Upper Sacramento River, located about a mile out of town. About a week ago we were talking about searching for Big Foot with a neighbor. He said when he was a kid, they used to play around City Park and walk on the trails. Amongst other… Continue Reading →

Myths as an Alternative History

Myths are an Alternative Form of History Both history and myth provide a method for studying the past. Though myths contain some legendary and historical qualities, but they are not accurate historical accounts. If a myth describes a historical event, person, or place it has been exaggerated by storytellers over such long periods of time… Continue Reading →

Missing Islands Are Not So Unusual

Other “Missing” Islands In addition to Atlantis and Lemuria, many other islands have also “disappeared.” During the Dark and Middle Ages, there were many myths about islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Popular lost islands include: St. Brendan’s Isle – described in the ninth century book, Voyage of St. Brendan (St. Brendan 1928) and was supposedly… Continue Reading →


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