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  • A Theory on Cryptids

    A Theory on Cryptids

    What is Cryptozoology? Some cryptid animals, such as the giant squid, Komodo dragon, platypus, okapi, gorilla, and bondegezou, a type of marsupial, were once considered mythical but have been proven to exist. Cryptozoology is a fascinating field of study that delves into the mysterious world of unclassified animals like Bigfoot and extinct sea serpents, such… Read more

  • Bigfoot and Mount Shasta

    Bigfoot and Mount Shasta

    It is one thing to argue that unknown, large animals can exist undetected, but another to suppose that they could continue to exist without evidence. The most famous cryptid in Mount Shasta is Bigfoot. The area around Mount Shasta is known for sightings of Bigfoot, with reports dating back to the 19th century. Some people… Read more

  • Where are Lemuria and Atlantis Located?

    Where are Lemuria and Atlantis Located?

    Lemuria and Atlantis are in the most unlikely areas on Earth. The greatest areas of deep sima are in the central Pacific Ocean, the southern Indian Ocean, and the Artic Oceans. This means that these oceans are permanent, and no continents are expected to be in the past, present, or future. The great Pacific sima… Read more

  • Native American Tribes and Atlantis

    Native American Tribes and Atlantis

    The Romantics and occultists place the Native American civilizations as colonies of Atlantis. Native Americans have also been named as descendants of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, East Indians, Polynesians, Prince Madoc, a Welsh that supposedly crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1170, and a distinct line of monkeys and apes unique to the New World. These… Read more

  • Hollow Earth Explorers

    Hollow Earth Explorers

    William Reed draws his conclusions from the journals of polar explorers. Reed concludes that the captains had not erred but were “lost” because they were unaware that their ships had entered the interior of the earth. These explorers include Elisha Kent Kane (1820-1857), who explored the Arctic regions, tracing Sir John Franklin’s expedition. Kane later… Read more

  • Subterranean Dwellers at Mt. Shasta

    Subterranean Dwellers at Mt. Shasta

    Here are some recent developments about Hollow Earth theory and Mount Shasta: Further Reading Read more