Petroglyphs Near Mount Shasta

Petroglyphs at the lava tubes at Lava Beds National Monument Marking Place Through Petroglyphs at Lava Beds National Monument Petroglyphs appear at openings in the earth, such as caves or collapsed lava tubes. However, they appear in many other places; they are created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or... Continue Reading →

Mount Shasta City Park

Mount Shasta City Park has the headwaters for the Upper Sacramento River, located about a mile out of town. About a week ago we were talking about searching for Big Foot with a neighbor. He said when he was a kid, they used to play around City Park and walk on the trails. Amongst other... Continue Reading →

Myths as an Alternative History

Myths are an Alternative Form of History Both history and myth provide a method for studying the past. Though myths contain some legendary and historical qualities, but they are not accurate historical accounts. If a myth describes a historical event, person, or place it has been exaggerated by storytellers over such long periods of time... Continue Reading →

Missing Islands Are Not So Unusual

Other "Missing" Islands In addition to Atlantis and Lemuria, many other islands have also “disappeared.” During the Dark and Middle Ages, there were many myths about islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Popular lost islands include: St. Brendan’s Isle - described in the ninth century book, Voyage of St. Brendan (St. Brendan 1928) and was supposedly... Continue Reading →

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, Native American Tribes and Atlantis

Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and Atlantis Also connected to Atlantis and Lemuria are Native American groups and the lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Early historians described the Native Americans as the Lost Tribes as Israel. After King Solomon’s death (922 BC) the Hebrews created two nations. Israel comprised ten of the twelve Hebrew tribes;... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of Lemuria

The Destruction of Lemuria and Mount Toba The destruction of Lemuria is well documented in occult literature. Lemurians had a difficult time with a warming climate, unexpected volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves and attacks from wild creatures. However, the ultimate destruction of Lemuria was caused by a series of catastrophic events. The last destructive magnetic... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of Atlantis

The Destruction of Atlantis and Mount Shasta When Atlantis sunk and its inhabitants fled, they had to seek shelter in higher elevation areas. These areas included mountains like Mount Shasta. It is believed that the Atlantean civilization has gone underground and created a subterranean civilization where the Atlanteans have been able to make scientific progress... Continue Reading →

Eschatology & Hero Myths at Mount Shasta

In times of crisis apocalyptic, and messianic myths re-emerge and promise the hope of a new world. These movements usually focus on a prophetic leader and project a catastrophic end of the world. Commonly found is the promise of a return of a culture hero to lead the battle against evil. For Mount Shasta, these myths provide a context for channeling spirits who may promise humankinds reunification with star people, or extraterrestrials.

Cosmological Myths at Mount Shasta

Each Age interprets unusual events in the language of its own experience, whether it be Ezekiel describingsky objects in the symbology of angels and precious jewels, or Monk Lawrence in A.D. 776 marveling at the flaming shields from heaven spitting fire at the Saxons besieging Sigiburg, or modern men speculating the Unidentified Flying Objects are... Continue Reading →

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