The I AM Movement

The I AM Movement

            Guy Warren Ballard (1878-1939), also known as Godfre Ray King, founded the I AM Movement in 1932 with his wife, Edna Wheeler (1886-1971). Before his I AM activities, Ballard sold stock in imaginary gold mines to Gold Lake in California (Bryan 1940:137; Camp 1970:73). He successfully combined elements of his mythology from Frederick Spencer Oliver, Theosophy, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, and Hindu Swamis to appeal to followers. Today, the I AM Foundation is based at Mt. Shasta, California, and maintains that Lemurians from Mu live within the hollow volcano.

            Ballard met St. Germain, an Ascended Master, and part of Blavatsky’s Great White Brotherhood, on the side of Mt. Shasta in 1930. According to Ballard, St. Germain had purified himself and became a member of the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy, which controls the lives of individuals and the universe. St. Germain sought Ballard and others to bring messages of the Masters to people because a new age was about to begin (Ballard 1934). St. Germain showed Ballard the secret headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood and his past life as George Washington. Afterward, Ballard claimed he was in direct communication with the other Ascended Masters, which included Jesus, Moses, St. Francis, and Buddha.

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