Subterranean Dwellers at Mt. Shasta

Here are some recent developments about Hollow Earth theory and Mount Shasta:

  1. The Oera Linda Book claims the King of Atlantis led his remaining peoples through an ancient tunnel network to the land of Votan, believed to be Central America. The Oera Linda Book maintains that North America is connected to Asia under the Bearing Strait and that South America is connected to Africa through an intricate network of tunnels. The tunnels of South America once traveled through Atlantis, and now this is impossible to prove because Atlantis has disappeared. The Oera Linda Book is believed to be a hoax by analysis of modern linguistics. Cornelis Over den Linden claimed to find the book in 1867, which is written in a combination of old and modern Frisian dialects. The book claims to be a reprint of an older book dated to 1256.
  2. Dianne Robbins in Telos: The Call Goes Out From the Hollow Earth and the Underground Cities believes that Mt. Shasta is part of a subterranean colony of the Lemurian Telos, an underground city that is said to be the western branch of a subterranean kingdom that certain Asian fraternities refer to as the Agharti Network. The Agharti sometimes referred to as The Society of Green Men, who reside in Shamballah under a Master who is a Venusian ancestor.
  3. Madame Blavatsky’s Hyperboreans still live beneath Mt. Shasta. King Ra and Queen Rana Mu are the rulers of Telos, who also rule the twelve Ascended Masters. Lemuria, beneath Mt. Shasta, exists in the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions and can only be perceived through the higher evolution of the human soul.
  4. Bulwer-Lytton, in his science fiction book, The Coming Race discusses viril power. Vril power is associated with Agharti, which is a type of electricity. He writes, “I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, etc.” Vril power is atmospheric magnetism that can be applied to exercise influence over minds, bodies, animals, and vegetables. His story takes place in a utopian underground community where the inhabitants, the Vril-ya, engage in agriculture, fly and have telepathic powers. The book ends with the Vril-ya resurfacing and creating a war with the surface dwellers, leading to humanity’s ultimate destruction. There are two ways of gaining viril power. The first is to chemically isolate particles in the lead and follow alchemy. The second way is to perform magic, incorporating sound vibrations, the sign of Saturn, specific colors, and runes.
  5. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, one of the founders of Universal Church and Triumphant, claims that the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta is a part of the Green White Brotherhood, which originated in Mu. Prophet channeled Ra Mu, who stated through her, “I am the voice of the mountain. I come to bear tidings of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta unto all who have been called and who have answered the call at inner levels and in outer manifestation.” Church Universal and Triumphant also acknowledges the I AM Presence, which is the source of life for each individual soul.
  6. Alec Maclellan, in Lost World of Agharti reinterprets many of the older writings and adds new information to support the Hollow Earth theory for a modern readership. He argues that the north and south poles are between 800 and 1400 miles in diameter. The inside of the earth is hollow with a central sun, and this subterranean paradise has oceans, landmasses, fertile soil, and human and animal plant life. The core has a radius of 2,200 miles, slightly larger than our moon’s, which has a diameter of 2,160 miles.

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